The aim of the network

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The aim of this network is to strengthen the emerging research field of digital visuality by establishing an excellent researcher network in the social sciences. Digital visuality refers to the production and consumption of digitally mediated expressions of selfhood and society through visual and audio-visual interfaces (images, photos, video, TV etc). A growing number of Nordic scholars are paying attention to the role of digital mediation and multimodality in contemporary social life, the ubiquity of visual recording devices, and the convergence between computer-based and mobile platforms for communication and interaction. These research interests stem from a variety of disciplines, including anthropology (e.g. digital anthropology, visual anthropology), media studies (e.g. visual media analyses and the impact of Internet), sociology (e.g. visual sociology), and information and communication technology (e.g. human-computer interaction, media technology). Museum researchers and archivists are also documenting and analyzing visuality in past and present cultures, while professionals including photographers, filmmakers, and artists are exploring different forms of digitally mediated visual expression. The network will bring together Nordic researchers and PhD students in the social sciences, focusing on the following, complementary aspects of digital visuality:

  1. Visuality and digital media as they intersect in everyday life: contemporary social practices in which digitized visual media are integrated; social contexts framing digitally mediated visual expression; multimodal communication and interaction in relation to past and present social life.
  2. Visual and multimodal research methods: methodological and epistemological reflections on visual and multisensory methods of scientific inquiry; problematizing visuality, particularly in its relation to other senses; experientially and sensory-based research designs to create new forms of knowledge production and presentation.
  3. Digital diversity: comparative studies of digital visuality in different social and cultural contexts; global distribution and stratification of digital media; social, cultural and political aspects of digital divides between and within societies.

The network will arrange four large seminars, partly in collaboration with international conferences, and several small workshops.Researcher training is specifically supported and all activities are documented on the network website.

Interested in joining the NNDV email list? Send your name, institution and email address to Asko Lehmuskallio, Aalto University, asko.lehmuskallio [ at ]