Scanning Digital Visuality

Published: 2011-10-14
Kista Science City

This first network meeting is devoted to planning future network activities, and presentation of papers that contribute in various ways to taking an inventory of the field.

We invite papers that address digital visuality from different perspectives, including (but not limited to):

  1. Visuality and digital media as they intersect in everyday life: contemporary social practices in which digitized visual media are integrated; social contexts framing digitally mediated visual expression; multimodal communication and interaction in relation to past and present social life.
  2. Visual and multimodal research methods: methodological and epistemological reflections on visual and multisensory methods of scientific inquiry; problematizing visuality, particularly in its relation to other senses; experientially and sensory-based research designs to create new forms of knowledge production and presentation.
  3. Digital diversity: comparative studies of digital visuality in different social and cultural contexts; global distribution and stratification of digital media; social, cultural and political aspects of digital divides between and within societies.

You are invited to submit a draft paper prepared for publication/presentation in journals/books/conferences (maximum of 8.000 words). Submit your paper to or

Include in the submission a brief explanation of any visual material you wish to present, and the technical format(s) you will use in your presentation (Power point, DVD, internet, etc.).

Notification of acceptance will be sent out by 7 November 2011.

Network members who wish to attend the workshop without presenting a paper should send an email to Paula Uimonen,

Information about how to make your travel arrangements will be posted shortly.

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