Project leadership

The Nordic Research Network for Digital Visuality (NNDV) is funded by NordForsk and managed by the Department of Journalism, Media and Communication (JMK), Stockholm University

Project leader: Professor Karin Becker, Stockholm University. Research areas: media and communication studies, visual media and cultural practices.

Project Steering Group


Asko Lehmuskallio, Researcher, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT, Aalto University. Research areas: Visual Culture studies, Human-computer interaction, media anthropology


Minna Räsänen, Researcher, Södertörn University, and Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). Research areas: human-computer interaction, media technology, social anthropology.

Arni Arni Sverrisson, Professor of Visual Culture, Academy for Humanities and Media, Dalarna University, Falun

Paula Uimonen Paula Uimonen, Researcher and Director, The Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions (Spider), Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm University. Research areas: digital anthropology, visual and sensory research methods.


Kim Rasmussen Kim Rasussen, Associate Professor, Roskilde University. Research areas: Pedagogy sociology, children’s worlds

Ida Winther, Associate Professor, Department of Educational Antrhopology, Aarhus University


Trond Waage, Associate Professor, University of Tromsø. Research areas: Visual Anthropology