The aim of the network

It is the aim of the Nordic Network on Journalism Research to provide a common forum for researchers inside the cross-disciplinary area of media and communication research. We will in this work keep close contact with the doctoral schools and programmes in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

The network will stimulate research cooperation between senior and younger journalism scholars and organise working groups inside different areas. It can also, through common efforts, contribute to a broader and better research based education in the new master programs in journalism studies.


  • To provide a forum for younger researchers, especially PhD-students, which can inspire cross-disciplinary journalism studies in areas vital for democracy.
  • To strengthen contacts and cooperation between senior and young researchers in the field of journalism studies in the Nordic/Baltic area
  • To initiate and support cross-national working groups in different fields of journalism studies

The background

Journalism studies has for many decades been a research area at Nordic Universities, in the pioneer years mostly represented by press studies as part of the social sciences, later more directly linked to professional education programs for journalists. Today, at most universities, journalism research is integrated and organised within the wider, inter-disciplinary field of media and communication studies.

Generally this has been and still is a stimulating academic environment for journalism research. However, it also increases the need for contact and cooperation between senior researchers, post-doctoral fellows and PhD-students who want to concentrate and specialise their research on topics related directly to the news institution, journalism and political communication. The Nordic Research Network in Journalism research is an attempt to establish such a forum, especially directed to develop contacts between senior and younger researchers and to serve research-training needs of PhD-students.

Professional education programmes in journalism have long existed at both Nordic and Baltic universities and university colleges. A rather new development, particularly after the Bologna reforms, is the development of new and more research oriented master programs in journalism studies at some universities. Some of these master students, naturally, want to continue their studies at the PhD-level.

At the Nordic universities the PhD-programmes are mostly organized at the Department or Faculty level, with common courses, seminars and workshops common for PhD-candidates. In Denmark there is a common "researcher school" in media, communication and journalism. The number of PhD-students who at the same time is working on dissertations inside the field of journalism studies is however, limited, even on a national scale. Cooperation on a Nordic/Baltic basis is therefore necessary.

Funded by NordForsk


Project leadership

Project leader:
Professor Sigurd Allern

The Nordic Research Network in Journalism Studies is funded by NordForsk and managed by The Department of Journalism, Media and Communication, Stockholm University.