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Seminar in Copenhagen, November 18 – 19, 2010

In the autumn 2010 the Nordic Research Network in Journalism Studies will arrange its third seminar. This time the location is the University of Copenhagen, Amager Campus. Time table: 1pm Thursday 18 to 2 pm Friday. 19.

The key note speaker is David Ryfe, ass. professor at Reynolds School of Journalism, University of Nevada, USA, who will talk about the ongoing revolution in journalism spurred by new technology: His title is:

Adapt or die: an institutional approach to the ongoing revolution in journalism

The day before the seminar (November 17 – 1pm – November 18 – 12 am) there will, in cooperation with the Danish Research School, be arranged a Master Class for PhD-students with professor Gaye Tuchman, professor Stig Hjarvard and ass. professor Ida Willig as speakers. Read more about the master class here

Members of the network who want to participate in the seminar must send their application as soon as possible to our secretary:

PhD-students who want to participate in the Master Class can register through the Danish Research School (se link) – or through the Nordic Research Network ( – before October 1.

The deadline for papers (both at the Master Class and the seminar is October 29). At the seminar we will also accept shorter papers (7-10 pages and “work in progress”).

Members of the network will have the opportunity to listen to the lectures in the Master Class, however, the Network can only pay two hotel nights for those who (independent of the Master Class) have to arrive in Copenhagen November 17.


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Project leadership

Project leader:
Professor Sigurd Allern

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